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MOA Rally Dinner
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While it was disappointing to see that some of the members who signed up for the dinner were unable to attend,  there might be a perfectly reasonable explanation for the fall out. 

When we posted the invitation, we didn't actually know where the dinner was going to be held. So if I recall correctly, the registration was for a meet-up at the beer tent. Knowing our members, any meeting that includes "beer" in the title will generate a lot of interest.  In fact, the only higher rated forum posting for BMW owners is a posting with "free beer" in the title.  So we had a lot of people who signed up for an unknown commitment. 

Due to the significant response (over 40 people) , Susan sought out a place that could hold a crowd that large.  Unfortunately, the nearest place with a room that large was about 30 miles away.  So we likely had some fallout of folks who might have expected a meet up at the beer tent, followed by a dinner on site or close by, but didn't want to make a highway trip through Nashville traffic.  Generally, when we plan a meal together, we invite members to a specific place, date and time and if they don't like the locale, menu or ride to the site they can opt out. This was a little different. 

Thanks to Susan for the planning and research for the meal, Darcy and others who were able to make the ride (including an unplanned Mountain Dew shower for Darcy enroute), and those who wanted to get together with their club pals but for one reason or the other couldn't make it.  Hope to see everyone at the next event at Two Wheels later this month.  

Director, BMW MC of Georgia
2018 BMW S1000XR

Awww, thanks Darcy! I was disappointed that so few made it to the dinner, too, but about 10 of them texted to let me know they weren't going to make it. I wish I could have found a restaurant closer to the rally, but it's tough to find a private room for 43 people on a Friday night.

Thanks to all who did show up, and I'm so glad we had such a good group at the rally.

Please come out to Two Wheels next weekend. We always have a blast there! Mark will lead a terrific road ride, and I'm sure all you adventure folks will have fun with Scott.

Again Darcy, thank you for the kind words, and much appreciation to Geoff for 3 years of excellent leadership!

Susan Benson

President BMWMCOGA

2014 F800GT

1990 K75S

I would like to start by sending out huge kudos and thank you to our president. Susan reserved us a phenomenal room at the great Bierhaus Restaurant ( in Nashville which was a very easy 35 minute ride into Nashville from Rally grounds. Great fun, great restaurant, great food and company. Our last president, Geoff,  was present and Susan presented him with a plaque of appreciation. Thank you for your service Geoff!!.

Thank you for those that showed up and to Susan for getting us such a great private room. We don't know what it took to reserve that room, but whatever it was it was GREAT!!. We even had our two servers. 

In a more serious note. We had well over 40 people register to this dinner and less than half showed up, and honestly Susan went to the trouble of reserving it for us, for over 40 people. What happened FOLKS!!!! Registered but did not show up!!!! Where is the support!!! We all knew where to meet, we all knew what the location of the restaurant was. Where were you guys!!!! A great opportunity for a ride, and a break from Rally Grounds, good food, good drinks. And off course the chance to meet different club members and future possible riding group.

Next Time you register..............SHOW UP!!!!!!!!!

Darcy Bastos

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