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System Case clamp/Multifunction Box Broken
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sorry to hear this but glad you're OK!  I don't know about multifunction lock/clamp.  but it may be possible to find a used case to replace.  there is a procedure that can be found online for changing the locks to match your ignition.  I bought a set of used cases and used this procedure to match to my ignition, so It can't be that hard . . . .  This could also be an opportunity to move the exhaust down so you can put a full sized case on the left side.
Good luck!
Sorry to hear about your mishap. Glad you weren't hurt.

BMWMCOGA Director at Large

2014 F800GT
1990 K75S
Well I had a lowside off yesterday. I seem to be bruised a little. I got a little too close to the pine straw and the front went out from under me. ~20 mph into the grass. Had on all the gear on Olympia Three season jacket got some grass stains and some abrasions on the left shoulder. What saved me the most was the system case on the left side. It took the weight of the bike before the clamp broke. Taking the bike down the BMW of ATL next week to check it out. 

But the question is this, has anyone tried replacing the multifunction lock/clamp? It is riveted on so before I try replacing it I want to know if its worth effort or should I replace the whole case and exchange the lock core. 
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