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Ride Challenges
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Well hell! Since I wandered off into the south Alabama wilderness there doesn't seem to be much activity in ride challenges department. Ross, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you on your question back in December of 2015, but I got kind of busy with a new bride and a move south, which involved selling my house in Woodstock...which has turned out to have been another one of those big life mistakes I keep making. At any rate, if I recall, there was no rule concerning a starting point. You just have that certain amount of time to make the circuit around Georgia and traverse the two "vias" on your route.
If there be any interest in reviving any of these challenges I would be happy to help. Just give me a shout in a PM or contact me on my web page linked below.

Phil Albritton
There are some Ride Challenges GPX waypoints and route files and other documents in the "Ride Challenges" folder accessed though the "Documents" navigation tab.  Here's a short cut: Ride Challenges

The routes were created some time ago so it would be wise to check through any you plan to use.

1993 R100R
Did you get any feedback?
Mark in Gainesville Ga
Anyone done the 5corner ride? Sounds fun, but only after it cools down and i get my RT seat better. If i figured right it is 17.3hours ride time and almost 1100miles.(plus the time back to Gainesville) we started from Dillard CCW ending in Agusta.
Dear Mr. Boxer,
I'd like to do this ride, by any chance, does anyone have a BaseCamp route done for this ride?  I live in Atlanta, so I can get to any point on the route to start the ride.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Ross Bickers

Hey Phil,

Who am I supposed to submit my documentation to for the 5 Corner Challenge?  Is there a  particular format I am supposed to use?  Witnesses?  I see I am supposed to have 2 gas receipts from Columbus and Augusta and a picture of my motorcycle and each of the corners.  Do I bring it to a meeting?  Is there a postal address?  Are you the ride Master for all of these challenges?
Have you ever considered having the 5 Corners added to the Iron Butt's certified rides?  I am hoping to do this ride soon and I just wanted to make sure I followed the correct procedure for documenting the ride.

Brian K
Ride Challenges

Challenge Name     Level of Difficulty     Time Limit      Link to Challenge Page


Georgia County Courthouse Challenge - Moderate Difficulty - 1 Year - Link Here

5 Corners of Georgia Challenge - Moderate to Difficult - 48 Hours - Link Here

Georgia Train Depot Challenge - Easy to Moderate - 1 Year - Link Here

Georgia's 18 Historic Sites & Parks Challenge - Moderate - 1 Year - Link Here

Phil Albritton
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