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2020 Rally in Great Falls, MT

I went to the MOA Rally in 2015 in Billings and it was awesome. The MOA is headed back to Montana next year and Great Falls should be pretty spectacular as well.

Some members are thinking about shipping bikes out West to save 3 days of riding and then fly out and ride back. My wife’s company has a vehicle transport division and so if we have enough bikes to fill up a truck it could save everyone some money. There are direct flights to Bozeman so it could be a great week of riding without that whole riding through Kansas part. :-)

If you feel confident you’d like to be part of the fly and ride experience reply to this post and we can work out a plan.

Since it is not unusual for people to back out at the last minute , anyone who commits to the bike shipping will have to pay a deposit that would be non refundable at some point. But we have lots of time now.

So, if you think you’d like to ship and ride out West, let us know. When we get closer to the rally we will take deposits and lock in the transportation and also book hotels for those who don’t camp. I’m sure those who join in will find it very memorable.



Director, BMW MC of Georgia

2018 BMW S1000XR


2009 R1200GSA

Ian Feinberg
I am interested in going in on the shipping of bikes. I have a work event that typically happens in June which is why I couldn't attend the rally in TN this year. Hopefully, since next year's rally is moved a week later I'll be able to attend.

Joe Baker
I am interested as well.
Scott Lovern
I'm in!

Scott Lovern

Scott Lovern
Darcy is in for two.

Scott Lovern

I'm interested as well, but would like to know more on the shipping cost when available etc.  Also still a little early for me to set my vacation time at work due to a project, but I definitely want to stay in the loop on this one.  
daniel perez

I’m interested in this group sending the bikes to the Rally. I don’t have enough vacation time from work to ride out there and back. This looks like a good solution...

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