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Will repairing a tire kill me?
Mark Miller
I have a rear PR4 I replaced 2 wks ago that got a tiny nail so it has a slow leak. Boxerworks in Watkinsville did the work so that is where I took it for repair. Apparently, no one will repair a MC tire, liability I suppose. I don't have the funds for a new one not to mention I just had it put on. I see tire plugger kits for sale all the time in MC mags. Is there a down side to plugging? is it unsafe?

Generally speaking, plugging is one of those things you do on a motorcycle to get yourself home in one piece and then you get a new tire.  I've had plugs last over a thousand miles in a car tire, but I always knew I had 3 other solid tires to carry the load if something happened. Plus my car has tire pressure monitoring as well. So if air started  leaking out I'd be tipped off early. 

On a motorcycle a flat tire makes the bike very challenging to handle. While you might squeeze a few more miles out of your tire by plugging it, nobody is likely to recommend that you take on the risk of trying to run on a plugged tire for an extended period of time. 

President, BMW MC of Georgia

2009 R1200GSA
Paul Evans
I've had the same thing happen.  After much research I came to the same conclusion as Geoff mentions in his post.  Hated to spend the $$$ but that is the right answer.  I was told no one would repair because of the liability exposure.  
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