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2016 R1200RT Throttle Choked
Rudy Bristow
I trailered my RT 379-miles to eastern NC two weekends ago in plans to meet my cousin and then we were going to ride to Myrtle Beach. I left ATL at 7PM and arrived at my cousins at 12:30PM on a Thursday night. Road out the next morning headed to Myrtle Beach, hadn't ridden 3/4-miles away from my cousins house when I had to stop at a rural two way stop. I stopped turned left, shifted to 2nd throttled up, shifted to 3rd throttled up then all heck broke loose. When I shifted to 3rd the throttle choked itself out and the bike stalled out. I restarted and the throttle would not open and choked itself out again. I was left sitting on the side of a two lane road in rural eastern North Carolina. Closest BMW dealer was 2-hrs north. I called BMW Assistance and got to an operator. The operator attempted to connect me to a BMW Tech rep but we could not make the connection. Long story short, trailered to bike to a BMW dealer, hooked it to the diagnostic computer and found six (6) electronic faults had been registered on the onboard computer but these faults were found to be inactive at time of diagnostics. The SDARS aerial faulted, the throttle right and left values had faulted. Electronic handlebar lock had faulted. Said dealer told me they discovered the software on the bike from the factory was an outdated software and they cleared my onboard computer and loaded the most current software package. The RT is running fine now. 
Sounds strange. We're tie down straps free from all cables? Wonder if some pressure on a wire caused faults.

2012 F650GS
2001 R1100S
1995 Ducati 900SS SP
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