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GS Riders - MABDR Sept 2019?? October??
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Not going on MABDR as noted below.  Decided it's probably safer to run the trails / passes in Colorado as there's still plenty of "tourist" traffic meaning, I'm more likely to have someone nearby in the event of a tip over since I'm traveling alone.  

It's all part of the adventure!!!!


LoL.  I wouldn't call you out like that buddy.  I understand and looking forward to you getting back in the game. 

Fall is prime ride time.    Where are the GS riders?    Heck, I would also expect to see other rides being posted for simple fact that it will be fall??

Hopefully we can draw a little more interest next year with that Touratech -BDR event.  

I can say for sure that my plan is as follows for the ride coming up:  

Plan A- MABDR from 9-13 through 9-20 

Plan B- MABDR from 9-20 though 9-27 (In case weather forces cancellation of Plan A)

Plan C- If weather forces cancellation of Plan B after having affected Plan A, then I'm heading straight to Colorado for the week (and a few days) to run some of the passes, FS roads, and valley's for 3 or 4 days before working my way back home.  

As for October, I do intend on having a long weekend type ride after the 9th at some point, just not sure which weekend.  Would love to FS road anything I've never done in the Tellico Plains, Gatlinburg, or any other area north of there, but we'll see.    If after I post that ride if there are no GS interest, then I will probably just plan on RT sport tour for that trip to where ever time will let me ride to 

Safe riding to all.  

God Bless

You could have called me out by name! LOL I'm hoping to be back riding something other than my knee scooter in the next few weeks. 
I hope you have a few takers on this trip. 

Scott Lovern

Calling all GS riders who "actually use their TKC 80's"  Lol.  Anyone running MABDR???

Unfortunately original plans for October have changed again due to unforeseen circumstances with a couple of my other riding friends.  So, I'm throwing this message out there to see if anyone will be running the MABDR in a couple of weeks (month of September), specifically either the week of the 15th or the 23rd.  Or I'd like to know if anyone running it the week of October 14th  after the Overland rally in VA. 
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