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2019 GMR - General Updates
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A pretty wet Sunday, but I waterproofed up, rode Wayah Road(my favorite!), then down 52, and eventually back to South Atlanta home around 10:30pm.. Great weekend, and my tent is officially NOT waterproof
I volunteered!
I helped out last year and it was fun, so here I am again!
Noticed that the call has just gone out for GMR volunteers.  I've helped out, even if just a little, in most recent years.  Mainly site set up, registration and site clean up.  It's a strangely rewarding trade.  A few hours fussing around provides an added perspective on the club.  Helps puts faces to names, and feels good doing my "bit" to help the club flourish.

The Rally Meister's words of encouragement, and links to further dteails/sig-up, are here GMR Volunteering

1993 R100R

Several folks have asked to get a display type advertisement that they may use to help promote the GMR by sharing a few details with friends and family.


Great idea with an easy solution.


I’ve tweaked the advertisement that is scheduled to appear in the March issue of the MOA magazine Owners News to create a selection of layouts and sizes suitable for sharing via email, Facebook, etc.

These are available in the GMR navigation on the website.  Shortcut here: 2019 GMR Ads 


1993 R100R
Thought I'd start a thread to highlight how the 2019 GMR is coming together under the guidance of our Rally Meister David Will.

Biggest thing that I've noted recently is that the powers that be have negotiated an upgraded $4,000+ value Heart of Colombia Tour offered by Motolombia Tours and Rentals S.A.S. as the Grand Prize in the draws that take place during the closing ceremonies.  Wow!

Grand Prize details: 2019 GMR Grand Prize

You have to be present to win, and registering before April 15th saves $15 per person on the normal rate and you’ll also get a free entry into the exclusive Early Bird draw for a winner-take-all prize valued at over $500.  So don't delay.

GMR overview: 2019 GMR Overview

GMR details & registration: 2019 GMR Registration

1993 R100R
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