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airhead restoration atlanta
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Hi, Mark, it’s very kind of you to reach out like you have.  I just got my first Airhead (90/6) after owning numerous oilheads.  While the bike is in very good condition (just needs tires) I’m not so naive to think it won’t need regular TLC.  I’m grateful for the community and folks like you that are generous with their time and knowledge.  Sam

Buz, one of my regular rides is a ’93 R100R.  In the past 15 years or so I’ve owned a ’94 R100RT and an ’85 R65.  In the ‘80s I garaged a buddy’s ’73 R75/5 in my barn.  I got to ride it from time to time as well.  I wrench on all my ‘bikes and I’m happy to offer support and encouragement.  Reach out via email if you want to get together.  I'm north side inside the perimeter.

1993 R100R
I'm currently restoring a '78 R100S and have a '76 R90S next in line. I'm looking for other airhead owners in the Atlanta area who are also working on or restoring airheads who wish to share information,expertise, etc., the idea being mutual assistance. Many thanks!
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