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Deltran Battery Tender Junior Repair
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Giving myself a pat on the back for repairing one of my Deltran Battery Tender Junior units today.  I got down to my last spare unit this week when one I was using that I purchased in 2008 failed.  I had a backup to hand, but it was my last one (had need for more in use at the same time in the past, so have had the luxury of always having at least one spare available.) It is the failure of a 13¢ electrolytic capacitor that often sidelines these units.  A visual clue is when the led indicator light flashes in odd sequences.  Wanted to have a working spare available, so decided to replace the likely failed capacitor.  Loosened three screws to pull the unit apart.  The capacitor is a common 47µF 25V through-hole mounted part on the edge of a small circuit board, so a little heat from a soldering iron and the old one slid out and the new slid in.  Back together and tested.  Working fine and, hopefully another 10 years of service ahead.  If you want to do this yourself, there is a YouTube video here that walks through the procedure:  If fussing is not your thing and you have a failed unit, I’d be happy to make a home for it.

1993 R100R
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