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Wishing Maurice a speedy recovery
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Thank you Don and all for the well wishes and concern. I am doing okay recouping at home and getting excellent care from my wife. The right leg has to be isolated for the hip so it does not get dislocated again and has about another 4 weeks to heal before another MRI to make sure that it can support weight. Once that is okay, I should be able to reconstruct my right knee so it can be rehabbed. This may include reconstruction the torn ligaments and ACL damaged in the accident and most likely a knee replacement, to be determined by one of several other specialist I will be seeing over the next few weeks.

I am able to get around the house using a walker but I can only toe touch my right leg, however I usually just keep it slightly off the ground and swing step to step on my left foot. After two weeks out now, the ribs are much better, (8 broken in 12 places) no more dagger stabbing pain, just discomfort doing most anything. I'm off the narcotic pain meds for the past several days and using muscle relaxer as needed and ibuprofen.

Looks like my bike will be considered a total. It was my F650GS.

2012 F650GS
2001 R1100S
1995 Ducati 900SS SP
2003 Kawasaki Ninja 250
So sorry!  Seems you did all the right things to deal with the unpredictable.  Heal up well, our friend.

Don Flowers
Athens, GA
2007 R1200RT
Nuts!   Speedy recovery to you Maurice.

'02 R1150RT
Reposting a Facebook post from Maurice Kornreich:
Saturday at 7:01 am

“Was two hours into my 3 hour commute home yesterday, plenty warm in 20 to 28 degree ride with heated gear, and taken down by a dog. Dislocated right knee cap and hip and a few cracked right rear ribs. Slept okay after everything put back in place, both with cracks. Waiting to see orthopedics to know if surgery for the knee or hip is necessary. Most pain is rib related so not much to do for that. 
Dog was running ahead of me for a few hundred yards so I was going pretty slow. When I accelerated to pass to his left, he just darted into front wheel and I low sided in my right.”
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