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Tire - repair or replace?
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Thanks for the replies.  I guess I am just ocd enough to bite the bullet.  I kept imagining being flat in the mountains or somewhere. I dropped it off today for replacement. At Ken's in Woodstock.  Breaks my heart because it was just not old enough to let it go!

'02 R1150RT
Gotta give you the middle of the road answer on this one.  I've had my share of flat tires (tubes and tubeless) over the years, all of them on the road while riding.  I wish i would find a flat in the garage instead of out on the road!

I would plug the thing to ride it until the new tire arrives in the mail and ride it anyways.  Take the plug kit and mobile compressor with you in case it didn't take.  As long as you are not drag racing or dragging a knee on the mountain roads, you should be fine.  If you don't ride it everyday, then you should be fine until the new tire arrives in the mail.  (assuming you change your own tires)

I have a friend that plugged a tire in the center line like yours and rode it for over a year.  It eventually leaked out on blood mountain up at Neels gap.  He had literally forgotten it was plugged.  No blow out, just another slow leak around the plug.  I re-plugged it for him in a parking lot and he rode it back down the mountain to Decatur.  It is still holding air and he still hasn't ordered a new tire! 

Mark Sanford
2013 BMW R1200GS
I had a similar problem a couple of years ago.  No one would repair and all recommendations were to replace.

Plug it?   Replace it?  
Michelin Pilot Road GT rear. 
Flat  when I went to the garage this morning.   Verrrry slow leak
Tape is just so I can find it.

'02 R1150RT
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