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Thanks Don. Did some digging and found out where to change/add it.


Your photo does not show on my screen when I view your posting/question.

Don Flowers

Athens, GA

2017 R1200RT LC


cell/text: (706) 973-7439

New member Skip here. Bought my first BMW in October with a Fly N ride from Minnesota and it's a 2018 GSA Rallye. I'll be attending my first club ride this Saturday.

Quick question. Do you see your own picture of your avatar? I have one assigned but when I post I don't see it so wondering if you do.


Jim, I think our ride February 12 is going to Athens. Maybe you can catch us there and meet some of the members. You can get some details on the calendar page. Hope to see you there. If you need more info please email me


Ian Feinberg

Hey, Jim.

I am in Athens, just up the road from you. Hope to see you around.

Are you also a member of MOA?


Welcome, Jim. Just realized Bostwick is not too far from Athens. I like your RT. Mine is a '17 model that is not accumulating as many miles this year as over the past several. Health issues keep me sidelined. What direction(s) do you ride when you head out?

I am retired, but have an intermittent weekday on-call job with Hertz RentACar in Athens. Is your PDK job good cross-training for your RT? Bet so, just closer to the ground....

Take care.

Don Flowers

Athens, GA

2017 R1200RT LC


cell/text: (706) 973-7439

That is a nice bike (that is hiding behind your cheese head)!

I hope you can join us for the Christmas Toy Run on 12/18.


New member here. We just moved about 10 miles north of Madison near the big city of Bostwick.

I’m looking forward to exploring backroads all over and meeting up with folks interested in cruising the countryside.

Jim Finger

Well not necessarily a new member but after a 2 year hiatus, a retuning member.



"Not all who wander are lost"


Just joined the club yesterday. My name is Brandon Bartlett, and I live in McDonough, just south of Atlanta. I purchased a 2019 BMW K1600B last year, but I've been riding off and on for 30+ years. I prefer street and long distance rides. I almost have the bike broke in, and look forward to meeting folks here. Have a great day, and a great ride!

Best regards,


Hey my name is Cliff and I am a new member and just got a K1600 GTL on the road . Very excited to get riding. I live in the Augusta area. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for any ride ideas.

Hi, Randall!
Good plan..., that thing about purchasing a motorcycle.  My 1st bike (pre-owned 2007 1200RT) was a key element of my pre-retirement planning in 2007.   Enjoyed that one so much that at around 85K miles I traded for a new 2017 RT. It just clicked over 36K.

You are joining a great group of people.  Attend some meetings, rides and food events.  Meet a few people and ride.  Perfect time of year!

Don Flowers
Athens, GA
2017 R1200RT

New member here from south of Atlanta.  Purchased a 2009 R1200RT (Sand Beige - my 1st BMW) back in March as the plan is to eventually do some touring.  The other bike is a Honda VFR.

Hoping to get to a gathering or two if the stars align.  In the mean time, I will continue to envy those of you on the north side of Atlanta.

Ride safe!
John Langevin
Hello all - I am a new member. Have not been a regular rider for a long time. Recently retired and purchased a 2016 RS in March and have been riding mostly solo.  Looking forward to joining some group rides. Look forward to meeting you. Many thanks.


name is John rose.

Ride a 2014 r1200 gsa

looking to meet other riders interested in taking some bdr rides

looking forward to the gmr in May.

Thank you Don, I registered for the GMR today so we are all set in that area. We'll also be arriving 1 day early to the Fairgrounds and have made arrangements with them as such. I'll be hauling our Aspen camper as I've had it since 2012 and only used it maybe half a dozen times. Might as well get some use of it! Afterward we'll head down to Mt. Airy to visit family. See you then....... 
Hi, Rob!
Chiming in late, but with a WELCOME comment nonetheless.  Yes, you should go ahead a register for the May 1-3 Georgia Mountain Rally (GMR) as it will be a great way to meet other members.  My wife and I elect to stay in a Hiwassee motel rather than tent camp....

I frequently ride in the Clarkesville, Helen, Toccoa, and Highlands NC areas and would be glad to point out a few good roads which you'll need to know about.

There's another new member in the Athens area (Loren Hunt) whom I haven't met so maybe there will be another connection as well.

Don Flowers
Athens, GA
2007 R1200RT
Oops, looks like I started a new thread for my intro post!  Well here it is again in the proper area.....

Hi all, Rob and Debbie Sprague here from southern NJ. Just wanted to introduce ourselves and say hello. I have a 2006 BMW K1200LT with a 2012 Hannigan trike conversion along with a 2009 R1200RT and a 2004 K1200GT. We both prefer mostly long distance riding on the trike and some shorter forays on the RT. I haven’t used the KGT at all in the last 2 years as my style of riding has changed. Since my wife and I are retired, we’ve wanted to exit NJ for quite some time and relocate south. My oldest brother did make the move to Mt. Airy, GA a few months back and he loves it but it’s difficult to leave other family still living here. Except for a stint in the military, I’ve resided in NJ all my life. We’ll see what 2020 has in store for us as far as relocating. I also plan to attend the May rally in Hiawassee for some relaxation and to do some visiting. Thanks……..

2006 BMW K1200LT 2012 Hannigan trike conversion Magnesium Black
2009 BMW R1200RT Metallic Black
2004 BMW K1200GT Orient Blue

Welcome Robert! We're delighted that you've joined and look forward to meeting you soon. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, and I hope to see you soon.

Susan Benson

BMWMCOGA President

2014 F800GT

1990 K75S

Welcome Paul!

Hope you can join us at an event soon. Please check the event schedule and see what works for you. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, and I hope to meet you soon.

Susan Benson

BMWMCOGA President

2014 F800GT

1990 K75S

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