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Grand Tour of Georgia
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Phil et al,

I've registered for the Grand Tour of Georgia.

Visiting 16 covered bridges to complete the challange is not going to be difficult, but does give an incentive for a detour or two. I just checked my 2020 ride tracks. In the 2,300 miles I've covered so far this year I've actually passed within a mile or so of 14 bridges on the tour. Not that I needed one, but I now have a reason to repeat some rides. 

Getting to the bridges in Columbia, Lumber City, Savannah and Twin City is going to take some planning and a little bit of grit (I’ve never found a decent route to Savannah). Not sure if I’ll make those, but they’d be “extras” anyway.

Watch this space.

1993 R100R
2001 R1150GS
Oh no! I don't see an issue with that at all. In fact that is a great idea!

If the heat don't kill me, I'm planning a ride next week coming up from south GA area to Cartersville, then possibly settle at TWO for a night or 2 while I retrieve boni.

Phil Albritton

Do you see any issue if the club were to decide to have one or more day rides between now and when the tour closes on November 15th that are designed in some part to visit GTGA stops so that any of that day's ride group that are participating in the GTGA can "claim" that "stop"?

1993 R100R
2001 R1150GS
Gregor, each year its a different theme...and has been from the start, designed to get riders out riding around the state visiting interesting sights and just traveling all around Georgia. I would not say it is purely a charity trip. It is a lot of fun! The money sent in gets you a GTGA booklet where you document all your stops (16 required to complete the challenge for a certificate), and for an extra $5 you can get a sticker. Money goes to charity. That is correct. This year the charity is "The James B. Weaver III Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund". All through TeamStrange Airheads in MN.
I attached a couple of pics of my GTGA booklet.

Phil Albritton
Is it a purely charity trip or can I visit something else? Is this being done these days?
Well, I got myself registered. There has been a delay since the covid19 thing stopped everything, but its back in action again now. It goes through November sometime. The theme this year (2020) is covered bridges. I wonder if Bob Cramer wants to do this challenge this year?

Phil Albritton
I have an update on the GTGA. I finally found the current website and the Facebook page for the GTGA. Lo and behold, it is still operating! I think.
Check out the Facebook page at:
Also, Wolfgang's link way down at the start of this thread, is a dead link now. The current web site link is:
However, I clicked on the hotlink at this page to register and it gives me the message that I can not register at this time. That needs further investigating.
Apparently a 2020 GTGA is in the works-obviously sidetracked by covid19-but it is discussed at that Facebook page.
I had forgotten that the GTGA was a ride organized by "TeamStrange".
More later.

Phil Albritton
I would be interested in working with someone to get the GTGA going again. We could re-name it the Jim Weaver Memorial GTGA. I think it would be a fitting tribute to his memory. Jim was a humble guy and really loved riding too.
If any club folks who are now Ride Leaders, etc. let me know and we can start putting something together in this regard. I just can't do it all by myself like Jim did. I look forward to hearing from someone.

Phil Albritton
Amen! I miss him
RIP - Jim Weaver.  You will be missed brother.
My 2014 GTGA Certificate arrived today. It's a nice one! Now I'm ready to begin the 2015 GTGA. I encourage all club members to get involved in this charitable and fun event. 

Phil Albritton
That's a real accomplishment.  Well done.

Current - '74 TR5T : '93 R100R : '06 ST3s ~ Past - Variety of British, French, Italian, Czechoslovakian, and German bikes from the '70s, '80s and '90s

Well, I completed the Grand Tour of Georgia ride this past Tuesday after visiting Fort Pulaski, Darien and Kings Bay. In Darien I met Zach who lives by that church there and has the Bed and Breakfast right there on the corner. Nice guy. We chatted a little about the small town and some of the other sites there, then I moved on down the road to Kings Bay. It was a nice warm day for ridng but it wore me out because I needed to then ride west across the Florida panhandle. I only made it to Live Oak that day and crashed at the Econo Lodge just off I-10.

The last few days I've been hanging out here with my brothers in Atmore, but will be heading back to ATL later today or early in the morning. Maybe the cloudy weather will keep it cool for me.

Phil Albritton

This is a very cool ride challenge! And for a very worthy cause. If you have not taken part this year, look into it for next season. I've been working on it since back in the late Spring and took time off through the hot months. Heading out again this Tuesday to round up the last 6 over on the east side of the state. I'll pick up Little Dutchy, Augusta, and Millen on Tuesday then spend the night in Statesboro, and continue to Fort Pulaski on Wednesday morning, picking up Darien and Kings Bay the same day. Then I'll be done with all 20.

Phil Albritton

Got it. Thanks Wolfgang.


Hi Brick Rider,
just go to the visitor center and ask a park ranger for the stamp. NPS sells a passport and has a stamp for this passport in every visitor center.

With best Regards,

Stupid question. How do you get the NPS Passport Stamps at the locations they are needed as validation?

Good evening,

just a quick note that the registration for the Grand Tour of Georgia has opened. Our own Jim Weaver is organizing this great event. It is a self guided tour requiring you to visit at least 17 out of 20 provided locations throughout our state between 15-Mar-14 and 1-Nov-14. I did the tour the last two years and had a great time.

Please visit Grand Tour of Georgia Website for more information and to register.

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