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2021 AGM
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Those Georgia Guidestones near Elberton have an intriguing story. I've visited there twice and read everything. One thought about population of the earth has crossed my mind more than once these past two years.

Don Flowers

Athens, GA

2017 R1200RT LC


cell/text: (706) 973-7439

The only signs of fall colors I saw on my ride was on 180 around the Brasstown Bald area, so that’s between 3,100 and 3,200 ft or so. Even then color was only just showing but there were droves of folks heading up the 180-Spur to the lookout. My route after that passed over Unicoi Gap on 17 and that a little under 3,100 ft. No fall colors there. As the ambient start droppings maybe a South Georgia trip is on the cards?


1993 R100R

2001 R1150GS

Looks great! We got stuck riding through Helen to the AGM but were able to find some back roads to get out.

With the peak leaf looking season hitting this weekend, I have pretty much given up riding on the weekend for the next two or three weeks. I may try some routes in Alabama, on the misguided assumption that Alabamians do not look at leaves.

Not wanting to miss out on some great fall riding weather, rather than just do a quick there/back 170 miles round trip to/from Unicoi for this past Saturday’s AGM I decided to ride a 300-mile or so loop. Morning was Ga 400 from Brookhaven, backroads east of Dahlonega, Blood Mountain then 180 and back south on US17 to Unicoi. Nice ride, but lots of slow traffic. Afternoon headed northeast from Unicoi for a few miles then turned onto Sky Lake and headed southeast in general to Cornelia for a brief leg-stretch at the Big Red Apple ( Kept tracking southeast with a quick comfort and gas stop in Franklin Springs before continuing to my target destination of the Georgia Guidestones ( just about ten miles before Elberton. Spent time checking out the Guidestones before continuing onto Elberton. Lightly-trafficked backroads allowing for a brisk pace between Unicoi and Elberton. Four-lane roads and I85 thereafter home. Nice and easy 297-miles total for day.


1993 R100R

2001 R1150GS

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