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Reflections on riding when and where we can
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Yes sir! I appreciate the advice to take advantage of the time we have for new experiences and adventures. I started riding around the age of 52 (now 63). So, not too much earlier than you, Don. I have tried to take as many opportunities to ride and explore new places with new friends (some on this thread - Joe and Rudy). I haven't logged as many miles as you have, but will continue to try new things and see where that takes me. So far that includes California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, the Florida Keys, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and of course Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. In September I'm booked for 2 days of off road training then a back roads adventure from Colorado to California via Utah and Nevada. Highlights include mountain passes in Colorado, Moab, Canyonlands, Capital Reef and Sierra Nevada Mtns. Going to be a serious learning experience.

Always good to see you at our events, Don. And, hope to see you again soon! Happy Trails!
Don, extremely aspiring testimony!  I'm guilty of thinking about rides then end up not taking them.  Life is short, life is energy. I need to have more life in my day/week/month/year!   Keep the Faith, Brother!  
Well said, Don.

This is great advice.  Regardless of our age and regardless of our past riding history, it is always good to have a sense of urgency to do the things we enjoy and to "enjoy the moments".

I started my motorcycle riding at a later age than most. At 60, in fact, as a part of my pre-retirement planning process. I'm now 72 (and have accumulated some 117,000+ miles) and this shutdown time has given me time for pause regarding the longer rides I didn't take. This comes as a reminder amidst all the rallies which have been cancelled this year. Past opportunities where I simply chose not to go or believed work and other events were too important are now "passed, gone, missed and/or perhaps never to appear again".

So, my fellow riders, when the rallies roll around again let's sign up and ride. Make those opportunities to go places mean something as we experience new roads, new places, and meet new people and make friends.

In the meantime plan a few longer trips of your own. Invite a friend or two. Or, strike out on your own. I can only speak for myself as I have traveled a lot in my lifetime, but nothing compares to the adventure and learning which can come from riding on two wheels. I started somewhat late in life. No overwhelming regrets, really. But i do realize time is not on my side and there are roads to travel and places to see.

Enjoy the moments....

Don Flowers

Athens, GA

2017 R1200RT

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