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I just wanted to update my thread here concerning my podcasts. There are several new ones published since I interviewed Ian Scobie. Hit the link below and have a listen.

As always, I am interested in recording conversations with any motorcycling enthusiasts/riders and would welcome an opportunity with anyone from this forum for creating a podcast. So hit me up with a PM or just reply here and I'll contact you about it.

Later today I have an appointment to chat with our friends C.A. Ernst and Bob Cramer over lunch. Stay tuned for that in a podcast soon!

Slablog Podcasts Link

Thank you!

Phil Albritton

In case you haven't heard the Slablog podcast with our very own Scoobs, you can listen at the link below. I'm not very good with the audio technology and this recording wasn't that great, but I intend to do a redux with Ian sometimes soon since I have improved my recording acumen since then. Check it out...and feel free to have a listen to the others as well.
Also, I am still on the lookout for "guests" to be interviewed for the podcast. Think about it!

Phil Albritton
Since February I've been publishing a new motorcycle themed podcast as a hobby of mine. Slablog used to be only a journal type blog of my biking interests and trips but now it has evolved into an actual podcast.
I, and my two brothers, host a discussion/chat style audio podcast where we talk with any person with motorcycling interests or involvements. And we prefer the casual, light talks where we can relax and joke around while at the same time talk bikes. We prefer plain ordinary folks as opposed to "famous" or notorious individuals. Everybody has a story to tell and we'd like to hear it! The podcasts run about 20 to 30 minutes and only take a short time to record the tracks. If you might be interested in being a guest just PM me or call me at 6 seven 8, 5 seven seven, 9 eight 9 five. I'd be more than happy to set up a time for you to call in to a recording session.
You may plug a product or organization or event. I must say, we don't have a huge following yet, but you never know who might be listening.
We have already hosted a former BMWMOGA President and another member; Charles Barnard, Ian Scobie and Marvin Wilson. Episodes 6, 8, and 11.
The latest episode is 13 and I've included a link below. Have a listen and then contact me!
Slablog Podcasts

Phil Albritton
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