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Rally Vendor Information

Guidance for Rally Vendors

The Georgia Mountain Rally has a small area set aside for vendors who wish to sell items that would be of interest to our rally attendees.  This space is limited and so we ask that vendors apply in advance and , if approved,  show courtesy to other vendors by utilizing only the space allocated to them.  

Is there an extra charge beyond the rally fee to sell my goods?

The Georgia Mountain Rally (GMR) does not impose any additional charge to vendors beyond the rally attendee fee.  All vendors must display a wrist band proving they are rally attendees.  Some of the vendor area is in the covered space known as the pavilion. There is also space adjacent to the pavilion where vendors can setup pop-up canopies for their goods, but this space is first come first serve and may be shared with campers. 

Can I leave my goods overnight? 

The pavilion is not a locked or secured space. Consequently, vendors cannot plan to leave their items overnight.  The GMR accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to vendor products, displays or enclosures.  If a potential vendor thinks it would be a hassle to setup and tear down their display area every night then they should probably take a pass on being a vendor.  

Can I camp under the pavilion roof? 

The pavilion area is not a camping space.  Vendors are not permitted to setup cots, tents or other sleeping arrangements under the pavilion roof.  Motorcycles cannot be parked or operated under the pavilion roof. 

As a courtesy to other vendors, please limit display space to the area assigned to you. Encroaching on others or limiting aisle space is not fair to your neighbors and rally attendees. 

How do I apply for vendor space?

To apply for vendor space, use this button ->  Email to reserve space  , describing what sort of items you plan to sell and the vendor coordinator will advise if there is space available and if your request is approved.  

Can I reserve space outside the pavilion for my pop-up canopy, trailer or displays?

We only reserve vendor space under the pavilion. The grassy area outside the pavilion is first-come first serve and it is also available to campers.  So your best bet if you want to secure an area for your canopy is to arrive on Thursday or very early Friday to stake out an area.  There is a designated area for trailer storage on site and we request vendors keep their trailers parked there.  

Thanks in advance for understanding.  The GMR is a well-attended regional rally with great riding and friendly folks.  But don't expect the sort of foot traffic of a rally with thousands of attendees and a massive expo hall.  We can't make any promises or projections for how much foot traffic you will get but typically the rally draws 500-700 attendees. The pavilion is fairly centrally located to camping areas which helps. 

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